Killington installs waste water system using TRM pipe.

Killington Resort expressed interest in the specialized DI piping systems from TRM, for a high pressure waste water system being considered between Killington and Pico. Design Engineers for Killington were interested this specialized DI pipe from TRM for several reasons: Initially, because the pipe from TRM was supplied with high alumina cement lining, which withstands highly toxic operating conditions, frequently encountered in waste water applications. Second, because the joint design of the pipe from TRM could be used at operating pressures up to 100 bar (1450 psig). And finally, Killington knew that this pipe had been used in snowmaking applications by many other ski areas in North America; and, this pipe had been used extensively in Europe, for domestic water and waste water systems. Because of all of the foregoing characteristics Killington believed this DI pipe would be superior to the galvanized steel pipe being replaced. Killington installed 11,000 ft of this DI pipe; and, was very pleased with how easily and quickly this project was completed.

This project emphasizes the unique characteristics of the VRS®-T system; one specialized DI system which satisfies all regulations for: use in highly toxic waste water systems; use in domestic water systems; and, use in high pressure snowmaking systems.

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