Howelsen Hill installs TRM pipe in base area, in wet highly corrosive soils.

In late August 2016 Howelsen Hill decided to replace a short stretch welded steel pipe which had been installed through a section of the base area where drainage from sulfur springs passed. This steel pipe had been “band-aid” repaired several times during the past 2-3 operating seasons. PNP was able to work with a broad client base, and use the large fittings inventory in the NA Distribution Center; to supply all DI pipe and fittings required to complete this project.

  • Howelsen Hill placed an order for all materials August 24, 2016;
  • All materials were delivered to Howelsen Hill September 14, 2016;
  • Assembly/Installation began at Howelsen, September 19, 2016; and,
  • Assembly/Installation was completed September 23, 2016.

Similar to Waterville, this project verifies: With PNP’s broad client base, and the large inventory at the NA Distribution Center, fast delivery is possible; and, assembly/installation of these DI materials is very simple and fast. With welded steel pipe, this time line would not have been possible.

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