Who We Are

PNP Supply LLC (PNP) imports and markets superior grade Ductile Iron piping materials manufactured by Tiroler Rohre GmbH (TRM), in Hall, Austria; to provide clients with optimum site specific techniques to transport different fluid systems under high pressure operating conditions.   Professional Engineers and Field Technicians at PNP have extensive experience and unique expertise in pipe system design/installation and fluid hydraulics, using many different piping materials.

This experience and expertise is combined with a broad in-depth selection of different pipe sizes and multiple fitting types in these superior grade Ductile Iron piping materials, to review different options, and then select the optimum technical solution, also considering financial constraints/requirements. Areas in which these design, installation and after sales services are provided include: domestic water; process water; process air; wastewater and other fluid systems, especially where high pressure operating systems are required.

Currently PNP is one of the largest suppliers of high pressure Ductile Iron piping materials in North America.

The sustainable properties of the Ductile Iron materials, combined with innovative technologies available from TRM, and professional experience and expertise in areas relevant to the site specific interests of our clients, are what have made PNP Supply LLC a leader in the area of fluid transport engineering using high pressure Ductile Iron pipe systems.