Value Matters

Value Matters – Memorable Experiences Help (1)

Another NSAA National Conference has come and gone; and as usual, all of the Addresses and Sessions were very interesting and presented much useful information. One Keynote Address, by Jim Knight of Hospitality On Point, presented information that was very interesting to us at PNP Supply, because of the analogies between some points discussed in this Address and the services/products offered by PNP Supply.   

In our opinion, the most important takeaway message from this Keynote Address is expressed in the Title above.

Memorable experiences are created by cutting-edge customer service, not usually provided by the competition; and, by superior product quality, also not usually available from the competition. We believe the VRS®-T lock restraint Ductile Iron DI system from TRM, Austria, provides clients with cutting-edge customer service and superior product quality. Consider:

  • Cutting-edge Customer Service:  During a roundtable discussion with engineers at TRM, on April 20, 2015, a blue sky idea was raised about a new DI fitting which might reduce cost and reduce assembly time. On May 13, 2015, this new Special Piece had been designed and fabricated; and, this Special Piece was being shipped to a North American client for installation in 2015.
  • Superior Product Quality:  Since April 2006, over 400.000 ft of VRS®-T lock restraint DI pipe has been installed in North America, with only four (4) joint leakages in all of these systems.

We believe this cutting-edge service and superior product quality from PNP Supply has provided many NA clients with memorable experiences in the areas of snowmaking/wastewater piping infrastructure. After the first memorable experience, many clients have placed many repeat orders, in spite of the pricey nature of this VRS®-T lock restraint DIsystem.    

Materials for this VRS®-T lock restraint DI system are pricey. But Starbucks coffee is pricey, yet people seem to keep coming back for the memorable experience not usually available at other locations. The analogy here is that once people use the VRS®-T lock restraint DI system, the memorable experience seems to keep them coming back to this system.

That said, we hope anyone considering any pipe work in areas requiring high pressure snowmaking and/or wastewater pipe and fittings will consider trying the VRS®-T lock restraint DI system from TRM, Austria. We think the experience will be memorable.

  1. From the Keynote Address by Jim Knight, CEO, Hospitality On Point.