Mission Statement

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PNP Supply LLC (PNP) has a staff of licensed Professional Engineers and Field Technicians with in-depth experience and unique expertise in many areas of Alpine System Design and Hydraulic Engineering; and, the primary objective of PNP is to use this in-depth experience and unique expertise to develop technical specifications; support technical sales; provide installation assistance and follow up field services; for high pressure Ductile Iron piping systems, in the North American market, in areas including: domestic water; process water; process air; wastewater; and, other fluid systems, especially where high pressure operating systems are required.

The staff at PNP also combines this in-house experience and expertise with the extensive experience and unique expertise of the technical staff of Tiroler Rohre GmbH (TRM), a manufacturer of superior quality Ductile Iron products capable of high pressure operation; to review any client’s site specific piping problems; consider all feasible solution options in project specific business models; identify the optimum solution from a technical and economic perspective; and then, present the client with a phased development plan, which will allow the client to achieve optimum build-out conditions, within annual financial constraints, and satisfying any applicable environmental requirements which must be met.